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Rare-earth materials

As a trader we offer a wide variety of rare-earth materials

Scandium metal with 99.9% purity

One of the most important applications for scandium is it use for the manufacture of ferrites with low induction for computer memory elements. Scandium is interesting as a structural material for aerospace engineering – scandium has a density close to aluminum and a melting point 2.5 times higher.

Small additions of scandium have the most promising effect on aluminum alloys. It allows materials with a significantly improved set of properties to be obtained. The addition of scandium in various metals and alloys significantly modifies their properties (strength, corrosion resistance, electrical and magnetic properties) that allow for the production of unique materials and super-hard materials.

Aluminum-scandium alloys are used in many spheres, where high-strength materials are required, including sports equipment (bikes, baseball bats, etc.). The application of scandium alloys in aircraft and rockets allows the abrupt improvement of the reliability of exploited systems.

Scandium oxide in the form of nanopowder

Scandium oxide is a white, rare-earth oxide, with a high melting point of 2480° C and a density of 3,864 g/sm3. It is practically insoluble in water. Scandium oxide is used for special glasses, glazes and ceramic products, and in the production of ferrites with low induction.

Scandium chloride


Colorless rhombohedral crystals, melting point 960 ° C, boiling point 965 ° C, density 2.3 g/cm3. Very soluble in water and alcohol.

Scandium fluoride


Colorless hexagonal crystals. Melting point 1552°C, boiling point 1607° C. Slightly soluble in water.

Aluminum-Scandium master alloy

is used for the modification of aluminum alloys. AlSc ligature made in the form of plates, cast in die casting mold, followed by cutting the gate.


Indium metal bullion with 99.9 – 99.999 % 2.5 purity. This quality is confirmed by leading British and Japanese companies.


Gallium metal with 99.9999% purity with a guaranteed content of Ge (germanium) This quality is confirmed by leading British and Japanese companies.